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Christmas Needlepoint

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Looking for a Christmas Needlepoint Gift Idea? The Picket Fence has many wonderful ideas for making and enjoying Christmas needlepoint.

Thanksgiving Needlepoint

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A wide variety of Thanksgiving themed needlepoint canvases and Thanksgiving needlepoint products

Easter Needlepoint

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Our assortment of Easter Needlepoint Canvases and products will brighten up your Easter holiday.

Halloween Needlepoint

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Celebrate the Holiday with our Halloween Needlepoint canvases and Halloween needlepoint finished products

Valentines Needlepoint

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Valentine's Day Needlepoint canvases and finished needlepoint are just right for the ones you love!

4th of July Needlepoint

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Independence Day, Americana or 4th of July Needlepoint. Whatever you want to call it we have unique ideas to help you celebrate this holiday.