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Make sure to stop by our Edina store for Joanne's ongoing trunk show!

We have non-exclusive and exclusive needlepoint artists from around the world. The Picket Fence is proud to offer hundreds of handpainted needlepoint canvases from many notable needpoint artists. Needlepoint artwork and canvases are created from artist's designs and used for needlepoint artwork.

Below is a list of the featured needlepoint artists that have contributed needlepoint canvases to The Picket Fence. If you are a needlepoint artist or needlepoint designer please contact us, we would love to feature your artwork in our store. If you are a needlepoint artist or designer featured on this page and you have a website you would like to have us link to, please contact us, we would be happy to link to your website.

  • T. White
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  • Mary Louise Pivec
  •  needlepoint artwork, needlepoint canvases, mary louise pivec
     exclusive needlepoint canvas,  handpainted needlepoint canvases from needpoint artists, mary louise pivec

  • Ruth Ann Fleming
  • needlepoint canvas created from artist's artwork, ruth ann flemming
    needlepoint canvas created from artist's designs, needlepoint patterns created from artist's designs, ruth ann flemming

  • Julie Paukert
  •  needlepoint artist, needlepoint designer, julie paukert
    needlepoint patterns created from artist's artwork,  featured needlepoint artists, julie paukert

We carry many other designers as well and you will find needlepoint patterns here you won't find anywhere else. We are always adding new needlepoint patterns so check in with The Picket Fence often.

If you locate a needlepoint canvas or needlepoint artwork you want to order please call The Picket Fence at 952-920-7888, or contact us with the designer name and the information about the needlepoint canvas.